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"The world of choral music owes her special thanks."
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Circle of SoundWe Will Sing

We Will Sing! Choral Music Experience for Classroom Choirs

Doreen Rao
Published by Boosey & Hawkes, 1993

We Will Sing! is a beginning level choral textbook for classroom and community choirs. Teachers and conductors will find this curriculum a useful way of organizing and sequencing rehearsals at the beginning levels of choral music experience. We Will Sing! is used as a college textbook for courses in elementary music education and choral methods... A revolution from within music education begins by ensuring that all children have the opportunity to produce music with the singing voice, practice musicianship, and perform great music with skill and understanding... Performance challenges children to improve – to transcend the ordinary in favor of something superior. Music is like culture. It is not something people have – it is something people do!

We Will Sing! contains contemporary music from the United States, Canada, and England; European classics of Bach, Handel, and Praetorius; folk music from Russia and Ireland; Negro spirituals, and jazz, in addition to straightforward exercises, rehearsal guides, and performance projects to carry the student from their first lesson to the final performance.

Reviewed by Choir and Organ Magazine: “Its use will go a very long way towards reviving singing in schools ... any teacher who would welcome a straightforward, practical, thorough-going guide to the training of young singers should have this book.

Look for an updated and revised edition, coming soon!